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...Now here is the Easiest way to Converting your Videos to Streaming FLV Videos and then Displaying them on Your Own Website!

(.AVI, .WMV, .MOV, .MPG, .FLV, .VOB, .ASF, .MP4)

I know - FLV, Streaming, Conversion, Frame Rate, SWF...all that stuff might sound a bit complicated at first, and I don't blame anyone, as the Web offers TONs of information and solutions in regards to this subject.

Back in 2008 I wanted to upload a video taken from my digital camera onto one of my site's web pages.

Back then I didn't know how to do that, so like everyone else, in order to do that, I used YouTube®.

Very quickly I realized that this is a bad idea to display videos on my Website...

First of all, I'm dependent on someone else's favors...

What if one day they decide to remove it from some reason?

I also noticed that by the end of each video display on my site, they offer other videos from other people, distracting my visitor's attention from my site. (Read: it made them leave my site...)

Thanks guys, but no thanks!


At that point I realized that the best thing is to host my videos on my own site, I certainly don't want to rely on someone else,

I wanted to be able to control everything else as well:

The design, style and colors of the video player, video quality and size, arranging several videos in a playlist etc.

Great, so now what? How can I do that? Who can help me with that...?

I spent days on the Web trying to find something or someone who can help me to easily display a video taken via my home digital camera on my website.

Problem was, that there were too many solutions out there, too complicated, too expensive - I was confused...

Back then I knew basic HTML, I learned about the different video formats, and understood that I need to convert my 'raw' video to FLV (Flash Video) format, at that point I bumped into...

Convert this...copy that code...paste it there...

Sounds familiar...?

Man, it was complicated, confusing and frustrating.

I couldn't get that video to work on my site...

I knew that there must be an easy way to do that.

After days of trial and error I was finally able to do all that by myself.

The results were awesome!

I must admit that it made me being proud of myself :)

Over time, I even found several PROVEN techniques that helped me transform my "plain" Webvideos into powerful marketing tools that attracted more visitors to my websites (maybe I'll show you that later...).

Take a look at the video below.

It took me about an hour to create the 'raw' video file by gathering several videos taken from my Canon® digital camera + adding effects + adding the background music (In a minute I'll give you a tip where you can get it from).

You won't believe what I used in order to create this 'raw' video and it didn't cost me anything - even a 10 years old kid can easily handle this...(I'll teach you that in my free training PDF below).

Then, it took just 5 more minutes to add it into this web page, right here...


Upgrade your Flash Player to version 8 to view this video! (Click here for the download)


. . .

Bottom line: I can teach you how to do all that for...FREE!

I mean...

(1) How to edit and 'polish' your videos before adding them to your site so they look professional - something to be proud of. After all, you don't want to add dull videos to your site, right?

(2) The easiest (and CORRECT) way to convert your videos to streaming FLV videos.

(3) How to upload your converted FLV videos to your own website (using professionally designed video players), all by yourself, and without any favors of external video hosting services - keeping everything on your side and under your control.

Ready to roll...?

OK, let's put everything into a simple diagram, just to give you the big picture perspective, then I'll drill down into more details.

Here is what it takes to properly add videos to your Website:

Adding Videos to Your Website Diagram


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See you inside,

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